Segrest, Inc. stands out in the fish farming capital of the United States with multiple locations, enabling us to offer the most diverse and robust selection of Florida farmed fishes in the industry. Our reach extends beyond domestic varieties as we source fishes from reputable suppliers all around the world. Whether it's the remote corners of the Amazon or the pristine tank-raised fishes of the Czech Republic, Segrest, Inc. leads the way in providing a wide array of freshwater species.

As a prominent wholesale tropical fish supplier on a large scale, our extensive historical catalog boasts over 25,000 SKUs. We curate everything from timeless classics to rare and exotic fish seldom seen elsewhere. Our state-of-the-art holding facilities house thousands of tanks, facilitating the delivery of millions of stunning fish to retailers annually.

At Segrest, Inc., our purchasing teams are driven by enthusiasts like you. Many team members started as hobbyists, fueling their passion for discovering new species to offer our retail partners. Our commitment is to maintain the highest standards for the core foundation varieties while continually seeking out novel species to elevate your aquarium hobby.

Every day, we work diligently to bridge the gap between you, the passionate hobbyist, and your favorite retailer, ensuring you have access to the finest selection of fish to enrich your aquatic pursuits.