As a leader of the pet industry, it is our responsibility to provide our animals with the best care. At Segrest Inc, animal welfare is a top priority. We rely on our decades of experience, knowledge of expert vets, and vast resources of professionals to ensure each species reaches their final destination in optimal health. Built on passion for animals, our staff continue to pursuit excellence in all care aspects.

Supply Chain

For over six decades, Segrest Inc. has focused on the importance of transparency in the supply chain. We have committed to seeking the best supplier in the industry, who are willing to always put the animals and the natural habitats first. It is imperative that the animals receive expert level care in order to arrive to our facilities.

Supply Chain graphic

Supplier Audits

It is important for our animal suppliers to know that we expect continued excellence for the duration of our partnership. Our vendors are held to high expectations and are subjected to regular detailed audits throughout our partnership with them. To streamline our goals and implement positive changes, Segrest Inc. employs dedicated staff to oversee the audit process from start to finish. In doing so, we can safeguard the knowledge and expertise needed to import, sustainably collect and rear our livestock.

Aquacultured coral audit

Best Practices

Segrest Inc. began with a humble one room breeding facility and grew to supplying over one million animals to retailers, zoos and aquariums throughout the globe each week. To grow to this capacity, and maintain our quality, several protocols were put into place. Over the years we have partnered with and gained knowledge through a variety of industry professionals. In doing so, we have created a comprehensive yet strict set of standards we abide by to care from our animals at each point of contact. As technology and research continues to change for the pet industry, we continue to adapt to the best path forward for our animals.

Segrest Inc employee holding Brown and White Guinea Pig


We recognize that caring for our animals also means caring for our employees. At the heart of our foundation, stands a group of people who are enthusiastic and driven to care for the animals at Segrest Inc. It is important to our company that we continue to nurture their enthusiasm which reflects on the wellbeing of the animals and the spirit of the human animal bond.

Multiple Segrest Inc staff members interacting with animals and preparing orders

Housing a wide variety of animals requires several layers of knowledge and execution of stringent procedures. Through training programs and leadership of veteran staff, we instill the skills needed for consistent follow-through of exceptional care.

Segrest Inc. employee holding Black and White Rabbit

Education and Resources

Animal care at Segrest Inc. goes beyond our supply chains and holding facilities. We are in this industry for the long haul and understand how important the grass roots are. We are committed to spark new hobby interests and grow with existing enthusiasts and retailers. Over the past 60 years we have dedicated our teams to offer resources through various platforms. From offering extensive retailer support materials, to reaching out our hobbyist on social media, education is a key foundation.

Multiple covers of Segrest Inc. educational resources