Segrest Inc. is proud to offer a wide array of companion animals for your retail business. Daily incoming animals and consistent communication with suppliers allow us to constantly keep the variety available to you fresh and in demand. From the everyday staples, to the odd and unusual, you’ll be able to find everything you need here at Segrest Inc.


With multiple locations founded in the fish farming capital of the United States, Segrest Inc has a unique ability to carry the most robust variety of Florida farmed fishes in the industry. To complement our domestic variety, we import fishes from all across the globe from trusted and vetted suppliers. From remote areas of the Amazon to pristine tank raised fishes of the Czech Republic, Segrest Inc is a leader in freshwater variety.

Platinum Arowana swimming


Built through extensive supplier development and sustainable practices, Segrest Inc boasts a robust marine assortment. From supporting sustainable fisheries around the globe to carrying USA aquacultured species, we’re here to meet your marine category needs.

Clarion Angel fish

Aquatica & Bioactive Plants

With our close relationships with leading aquatic plant nurseries, Segrest Inc carries a full spectrum of aquatic plants. As we look to the future, we’re proud to be bringing the reptile category live plants. Segrest Inc has you covered for all of your pet retail plant needs.

Aquatic and Succulent Plant


We offer a wide variety of reptiles to suit the diverse demands of this category. Along with an extensive live reptile offering, Segrest Inc carries category support product lines Reptifeast and Reptifauna to help boost your reptile category.

Uromastyx lizard


From beginner to advanced enthusiast Segrest Inc is able to offer a wide variety of birds to our retail partners.Through industry leading best husbandry practices, we have dedicated our resources to building partnerships with top bird suppliers for long term success. We recognize the importance of selection and health for you and your customers in the bird category.

Rose Breasted Cockatoo, Galah

Small Animals

Through our attention to detail and extensive care, we offer a full line of small animals. Whether you are just getting started or a fully established retailer, we have you covered. From species selection, to color traits to coat types, our small animals are sure to fulfill your customers needs.

Gray Chinchilla standing