Segrest Inc. has long believed that sustainability is a crucial aspect of the pet trade. As an international supplier of live animals, we have an opportunity to have major impacts on sustainability concepts each and every day. As we look towards the future, we’re excited to continue to grow our sustainability initiatives with our supplier partners, pet retailers, and pet enthusiasts.

Supply Chains

Segrest Inc. is committed to short, traceable, and sustainable supply chains for all of our animals. It is imperative that our animals receive optimal care from animal experts throughout the entire supply chain. Not only does the safety and well-being of the animal matter, but also the impacts on the natural environment. We take every possible step to ensure our supply chains continue to be the best option for the environment. Through decades of expertise, innovative solutions, and rigorous audit processes, we have industry leading supply chains all across the globe.

Supply Chain graphic for Freshwater and Marine

Project Impact

As part of Central Garden & Pet’s Project Impact, we at Segrest Inc are taking active steps in reducing our environmental impact at all business locations including:

• Implemented FDA approved biodegradable fish bags at all Segrest Inc distribution locations

• Continuously update delivery vehicles with the lowest emission vehicles offered

• Made animal health certificates digital, reducing daily printing of hard copies

• Implemented reusable bird and small animal containers at all Segrest Inc distribution locations

Small Animal containers

Ornamental Fish International - OFI

Segrest Inc. is a proud member of OFI and we strongly support the work OFI does to help improve the ornamental aquarium trade’s standing around the world. It’s imperative that for the future of the aquarium trade, that all members rally behind OFI’s one, common voice. In order for the continued progress and protection of the aquarium trade, we strongly encourage all members of the aquarium trade to join OFI today!

International Fish Rooms

Pet Advocacy Network - PAN

Segrest Inc. is actively involved with the Pet Advocacy Network, PAN, including having staff members on the PAN Aquatics, Small Animal, and Reptile committees. Members of Segrest Inc. staff also serve on the current, and have served on past PAN Board of Directors. For the advancement and the betterment of the pet industry, our focus within Segrest Inc. is to drive awareness and involvement with PAN.

Pet Industry Flyers

Industry Partners

Sustainability in the pet industry is only accomplished through a community effort. Segrest Inc is proud to be involved with and support our industry partners in various sustainability initiatives:

Pet Industry Partners