HydrOasisTM Wood Apple Pod 1ct

SKU: 96301199 | UPC: 079483407996

Create a calming aquatic environment with Hydroasis ™ Wood Apple Pod 1 Ct. Wood Apple Pods hollow shape encourages natural behavior by providing hiding, breeding, and grazing areas for aquatic animals. Often times you will see your fish swimming in and out of the pods or even choosing them to spawn in. They are the perfect addition to any aquarium, and add enrichment for your aquatic animals. Hydroasis™ Wood Apple Pod 1 Ct is easy to use - simply add the pod the to your aquarium.

  • • Provides natural cover to help create a more calming and healthy environment
  • • Unique natural decor for your fish to explore and thrive in
  • • Additional surface area for fish to graze and forage on
  • • Can naturally tint the water with beneficial tannins
  • • Encourages natural behavior

  • Habitat Type: Aquarium
  • Instructions Hydroasis™ Wood Apple Pods are safe to use right out of the package. Simply select the desired amount of pods and place them in your aquarium. The pods may float when first added. You can either allow the pods to sink naturally over the course of a few days or click here for a quick guide on sinking your leaves
  • Packaging Printed Bag

Optional Aquatic Leaf Preparation:

Although the ReptiFauna™ leaves and pods are safe to use directly out of the package, they may take a few days to sink naturally.
If you wish to speed up the sinking process, you can follow the steps below:

  • Leaves and pods can be submersed in hot de-chlorinated water or boiled until slightly softened
  • Strain leaves completely
  • Allow leaves and pods to fully cool before adding to aquarium


  • ReptiFauna™ Wood Apple pod in aquarium with Red Loricarid on top
  • ReptiFauna™ Wood Apple pod in aquarium with guppies