ReptiFeast® Melanogaster Fruit Fly Culture

SKU: 57200629 | UPC: 07948340614

Stimulate your frog’s senses with ReptiFeast® Melanogaster Fruit Fly Culture. These flies come in cups that are easy to store at home with enough food to sustain several generations. ReptiFeast® Melanogaster Fruit Fly Culture contains flightless fruit flies which makes feeding easy.

  • • Food is supplied within the cups
  • • Flightless for easy feeding
  • • Included food will sustain several generationst
  • • Easy to store at home
  • • Melanogaster reproduce much quicker than Hydei

  • Housing/Care Instructions: The culture can be stored in its original container. Food is provided in the cup.
  • Feeding Instructions: Add flies to habitat