ReptiFeast® Giant Mealworm

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Whether you’re looking for a staple food or a treat, ReptiFeast® Giant Mealworms are a great choice. These high protein worms are perfect for bearded dragons, crested geckos, leopard geckos and more! ReptiFeast® Giant Mealworms come in cups that are easy to store at home and the bedding provided also serves as their food source. They need to be stored in a refrigerator to keep them healthy. You can help your ReptiFeast® Giant Mealworms thrive with an added commercial water supplement and by dusting them with a vitamin and mineral supplement before feeding them to your pet.

  • • High in protein
  • • Can be fed as a treat or as a staple
  • • Perfect for bearded dragons, leopard geckos, and crested geckos
  • • Benefit from being dusted with a vitamin and mineral supplement
  • • Can be used in combination with other ReptiFeast® Live Insects to diversify your pet's diet

  • Housing/Care Instructions: Giant Mealworms can be stored in their original containers and should be stored in the refrigerator (42-55°). Mealworms will thrive with a commercial water supplement added every few days. The bedding provided in the cup is also their food source
  • Feeding Instructions: Offer by hand or place in a food bowl