ReptiFeast® Hornworm

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Your pet friend is sure to love ReptiFeast® Hornworms. These blue and green worms have a soft exoskeleton and are an excellent source of calcium. They also have a high water content that will help hydrate your pet. ReptiFeast® Hornworms come in cups that are easy to store at home and should be stored food size up at an angle to allow for airflow. ReptiFeast® Hornworms are a favorite for skinks, monitors, pacman frogs, most tree frogs, and more!

  • • High water content, low fat content
  • • Natural source of calcium
  • • Soft exoskeleton makes them easy to digest
  • • A favorite for skinks, monitors, pacman frogs, and most tree frogs
  • • Can be used in combination with other ReptiFeast® Live Insects to diversify your pet's diet

  • Housing/Care Instructions: Hornworms can be stored in their original container, food side up. Make sure to prop cups at an angle to allow airflow through the lid
  • Feeding Instructions: Offer by hand or place in a food bowl