ReptiFeast® Dubia Large

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Looking to feed your scaly friend a nutritious diet? Look no futher! ReptiFeast® Dubia roaches are a delicious choice. These critters are raised on a high quality diet and are packed with protein. ReptiFeast® Dubia roaches come in cups that are easy to store at home, making them mess free and easy to keep. ReptiFeast® Dubia roaches are the ideal choice for leopard geckos, bearded dragons, chameleons and more!

  • • Ideal food for chameleons, leopard geckos, and bearded dragons
  • • Quiet, mess free, and easy to keep
  • • Highly nutritious and natural food source
  • • Raised on a high quality diet of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • • Long shelf life

  • Housing/Care Instructions: ReptiFeast® Large Dubia can be housed in their original container. Store at 70-75 degrees. Offer 2" slice of carrot once or twice per week
  • Feeding Instructions: Offer to pet by hand or place in a food bowl